The Complete Collection (digital)

The Complete Collection (digital)

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The first anthology of recordings from Tuawki are Celestial Harmonics, Circles of Time, and Zodiac Tones. Celestial Harmonics is a 12 track drift thru our cosmos, Circles Of Time is an atmospheric riff thru the chakras, and Zodiac Tones are uniquely arranged 4-track EP's for specific star signs.

The complete collection features digital downloads of all releases. Files are 88.2kHz WAVs (Zodiac Tones are 44.1kHz WAVs).

Celestial Harmonics is an album designed as a journey through our immediate astrological cosmos. Composed of a series of tones and harmonics captured by the recording of quartz and gemstone singing bowls, each track contemplates one node of the tone-zodiac. The nexus between the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve tones of the Western musical scale is a subject that's mesmerized various astrologers, philosophers, engineers, and composers alike since the time of Pythagoras. Our cycle is based upon the sidereal year, the time it takes for the sun to return to the same celestial position with respect to the stars. The recording can be utilized as atmosphere, sonic tool, as well as being enjoyed as music. We hope that the circular, vibratory sounds enhance the listeners internal and external environments.

Expanding upon the work of Celestial Harmonics, the Zodiac Tones album cycle is designed to amplify each star sign independently. The foundation of the relationship between the zodiac and music lies in the Pythagorean-Platonic vision of heavenly harmony, the music of the spheres.The tone-zodiac maps the zodiac cycle onto a tone cycle. In our case, the tone cycle used is the circle of fifths, which has 2 relative tonalities: for example C major and A minor. Each node on the circle of fifths represents an individual tone and its corresponding key signature. Each key signature has a set of relative keys, major/minor scales and Greek modes that share the same notes but are arranged in different orders. Each individual star sign has an album that explores both relative keys, major and minor- like the play of light and dark, stillness and movement. Going further, each musical tone is represented as a frequency which determined the tempo of each star sign.

Circles of Time is inspired by the seven chakras, utilizing specific electromagnetic energy centers as parameters mapped onto musical sound. Taking into consideration the body and its natural resonance, these recordings explore how and where natural sound can move, stretch, and transform energy through digital processing.