Circles of Time (digital)

Circles of Time (digital)

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7 track album digital download.
Track 1. ROO-T (TRT: 03:20 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 2. SA-CRAL (TRT: 03:07 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 3. SOL-AR PLEX-US (TRT: 03:43 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 4. HEAR-T (TRT: 03:59 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 5. THRO-AT (TRT: 03:51 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 6. TH-IRD EYE (TRT: 03:32 + WAV 88.2kHz)
Track 7. CROW-N (TRT: 03:49 + WAV 88.2kHz)

Circles of Time is inspired by the seven chakras, utilizing specific electromagnetic energy centers as parameters mapped onto musical sound. Taking into consideration the body and its natural resonance, these recordings explore how and where natural sound can move, stretch, and transform energy through digital processing.